Aging and Better Care

Aging and Better Care

Aging and Better Care Ltd (ABC) founded in 2013 ( with primary focus on the hidden Dementia Tsunami and its psychological, economic, and social impact to the unprepared society in Hong Kong. Together with a group of professionals with different backgrounds ABC strives to offer solution through early education in Advance Care Planning in Dementia (ACPD).

Solution TSC provided

  • Strategic planning 
  • Program planning
  • Project manager 

ABC sought consultation from TSC when the team looked for strategic growth and a sustainable model hence funding to advocate the importance of Advance Care Planning for Dementia. The experience ABC had is not only the efficiency and effectiveness from partnership with TSC on project level, but also the potential of a longer-term relationship to outsource their entire administration works to TSC. So that they can be more focus on the ACPD works.

Impact created

  • Formulated the strategic road-map for the organisation’s priorities and activities
  • Re-built a project proposal including budgeting, sponsor sourcing,  and funding application , timeline, KPI etc.
  • Act as project manager for campaign-to-launch
  • Sourced operations efficiency and cost saving solutions

Time saving reported (post TSC’s services)

  • significant, at least from 20 hours to 5 hours for complex task ie. 75% efficiency gain. Time saved can be better spent on services delivery to beneficiaries

Yolanda Lo

ex Executive Director

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