Learning Community

Learning Community

We connect, learn and grow together with our clients, partners and volunteers for a better future!

TSC believes building resilience to a VUCA* world; we need to collate collective wisdom across domains and professions to sense, co-create, prototype and act together for the future being of humanity and environment.

Learning Meeting

TSC gathers a vibrant talent pool of our volunteers, partners and clients meet quarterly to:

  • share cutting edge knowledge, experiences and news or social topic(s),
  • exchange new thoughts and ideas, possible challenges, and solutions for nonprofit & social enterprise sector
  • build knowledge and skills database with the sole purpose to positively contribute to our society through our strengths in mutual learning & growing platform

*VUCA – volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity


Joys 30 @TSC

“I am with you whilst the world is in isolation”

Repeated outbreaks of Covid-19 has created a volatile environment that affected all of us. Whether you quarantined alone, faced unemployment due to the epidemic, or trapped at home; all of us have felt a sense of powerless and loneliness to some extent.

In times of adversity, it is crucial to understand ourselves through self-discovery, care for loved ones, connect with nature and allow happiness within to truly connect with life.

TSC works with like-minded individuals together to build a positive community by practicing a series of daily challenges within 30 days. Through this experience that we scout for our inner self and allow our inner-child restore our innate emotional, social and adversity quotient.

This will present an opportunity for all of us to express appreciation and love for yourself, those around you, for those who silently support others, and for nature. Ultimately we want to reopen our closed hearts affected by the epidemic.

Thank you very much to our friends and companions for giving us a chance to keep the momentum going and continuous faith in running of TSC.

Learning footprint

Learning Resources

Google Ad Grant Application – Experience sharing by LPD Educational Foundation Ltd

Personal Information Collection – Experience sharing by Chi Heng Foundation Ltd

Legal support on forming charity – Experience sharing by CanTogether

NGO Governance – Resourceful website of HKCSS

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