Let’s Talk ADHD

Let’s Talk ADHD

Let’s Talk ADHD (LTA), formed by a group of professional and enthusiasts, is a new social media platform for supporting ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder) community in Hong Kong (

Solution TSC provided

  • Strategic planning 
  • Project planning
  • Funding application 

Like many small start-up social enterprises, LTA found it challenging to draw a clear strategic map where it would spell out the objective, beneficiary, activity, timeline and expected outcome of the organisation. It becomes more difficult when facing public funding application where loads of guidelines, requirements and forms are to fill or comply with. Not to mention the communication gaps triggered by the culture and jargon used between commercial world and non profit.

The skill set required is certainly outside of their core competency in raising awareness and creating a more friendly society for adult ADHDers.

Impact created

  • Formulated the strategic road-map for the organisation’s priorities and activities
  • Established a program execution plan with identified objective, targeted beneficiary , timeline, KPI etc.
  • Built a comprehensive funding application proposal including budgeting, implementation plan etc.
  • Provided mentoring support along the funding application evaluation process

Time saving reported (post TSC’s services)

  • 3 times more efficient than before ie. 67% efficiency gain that focus can be put on services to ADHDer that is the core competency of the team

Amanda Fok

Founder of Let’s Talk ADHD

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