A homeless center

A homeless center

An anonymous center for homeless located in the heart of Kowloon, providing a homeliked shelter for 8 homeless males. The center aims to create a caring and mutually supportive community among the homeless. And through the support from volunteers helping the individuals to re-gain health, confidence (by counselling support) and re-establish daily routine of life (e.g. having a job).

Solution TSC provided

  • HR Crisis management
  • Organisation structure and management process review

The Center had faced an HR crisis when the voluntary project leader decided to leave,while notice of termination to the center manager had been served. The operation was immediately at the hinge of paralysis.

Impact created

In view of the urgency, TSC:

  • proposed feasible contingency options and the pros and cons of each to the operating committee for action;
  • alerted the reporting and status update needs of the sponsoring donor;
  • reviewed and constructed the organizational chart and its relationship with sister organizations for tighter collaboration;
  • proposed a new management process including HR policy, job description of center staff for healthy operations and sustainability of the center

Time saving reported (post TSC’s services)

  • from 20 hours to 4 hours per week ie. 80% efficiency gain, that more time can be spent on people relationship than before

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