LPD Educational Foundation

LPD Educational Foundation

LPD Educational Foundation (LPDEF) is a local charity, founded in 2010, committed to promoting and sharing life education to youth in secondary schools in Hong Kong ( Being one of our clients and learning partners, LPDEF is seeking for operational advice and also sustainable growth on various aspects:

Solution TSC provided

  • Organizational health assessment
  • Governance & organization management
  • Operation and process improvement
  • Sponsorship strategy and promotion

Impact created

Together with LPDEF’s management and staff team, we deep dive into every ‘corners’ of the organization for improvement areas. While it took time to incubate, we saw immediate effects on the operations for:

  • better team collaboration;
  • clearer strategic road-map for key project;
  • programs costing methodology;
  • human resources process simplification;
  • introduction of greener solutions and more…..

Tommy Chan

Founder and Voluntary Chief Executive

Clara Fong

Project Coordinator

Sarah Chung

Project Coordinator

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