CityLab is a co-working and meeting space for NGOs, Christian ministries, churches, startups and individuals to build community and share ideas for synergy (

Solution TSC provided

  • Operations review (esp. on income and expense process)
  • Solutions for operations simplification and efficiency 

Like many small NGOs, the front-line staff of CityLab is assuming the accounting and record keeping responsibilities in addition to their daily works. Missing the accounting know-how and professional training, make the management of income and expenses process and records inefficient and undesirable by operation staff.

Impact created

By reviewing the operation and process, TSC:

  • introduced a more transparent and collaborative operating process among full / part-time staff eg. removing duplicated and unclear workflow etc;
  • tailor-made a simplified tools plus user manual for bookkeeping including invoicing, donation receipt issuing etc;
  • re-organized the records keeping system including digitization of accounting documents to avoid duplication and inconsistency

Daniel Or


Airy Lo

Community Leader

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