ZZ_Our Service

We provide a wide range of consultation and administrative services support and training to small to medium non-profits organisation and social enterprises at affordable and reasonable prices.


Organizations can find one-off or short term advisory services on organizational health assessment, corporate governance, capacity building, program planning, corporate sales kits, funding or grant application, internal control etc. With our professional analysis and advice, organizations can have a better understanding of themselves and ideas of better practices.

Business Solution

We also provide tailor made business solution to the areas like operations improvement, process digitalization, program/project strategic planning, funding or grant application etc. During the process, we facilitate staff to implement, hoping that they can acquire the skills for their long-term development.


Organizations can outsource some of their works to us to relieve the workload. What we offer include bookkeeping and accounting, financial management, information system infrastructure support, part-time ‘Head of Operations / COO’, product sourcing etc.

Learning and Connection

We have training from time to time to share ongoing knowledge, social trends, personal and organization development etc. We also encourage and help connecting relevant stakeholders or resources for collaboration.

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